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Protecting the most sensitive tissue to radiation.


Acadian Medical Consultants work with buyers, physicians, nurses, directors, managers, techs and RSOs who will benefit from a consultative approach when ordering radiation protection products. Our purpose is to assure quality standards and products for health safety and in keeping with Joint Commission policy standards and State radiation regulatory policy.



Every department has a minimum requirement for their level of protection. Do you know what yours is? Are you wearing your vest correctly? Is it time for new lead?  Are you wearing the correct gender style vest?

Supply Cost Management

Regardless of your budget, there is always a solution to your needs. Be it the hospital or your own pocket that is paying, there is an option for everyone. Please reach out in the Contact Form.

Custom Measurement

If the order is specifically for you, a tailored custom measure can be ordered. If the department needs general sizes, we can measure the group and provide the best sizes for the whole group.


There are over 20 apron styles and 150 fabrics choose from. Over one thousand embroideries available. Digitized logos can be accommodated as well.
Copyright laws apply.

Repair and Recovery

Providing solutions to extend the life of your aprons. Acadian offers a variety of options, from minor apron repairs to fully refurbishing and recovering available.

Systematic Solutions

We offer color coding by departments to prevent loss of inventory. Size coordinating is also available to expedite protection in urgent cases.

Let us help you assess your radiation protection needs.