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Lead protective eyewear is vital in every department where radiation is used, especially in the Cath and EP labs where 95% of the staff is exposed to radiation. Features include head straps, prescriptions upgrades, side shield protection and chemical resistance. 

Your eyes are four-times more sensitive to radiation than the rest of your body.

There is a wide variety of premium lead eyewear, including: glasses, prescription eyewear, goggles, fitovers and face shields.

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Fitovers are designed to wear over prescription eyewear. Fitovers come in a variety of styles and sizes to protect every style of prescription eyewear.

Face Shield

Faceshields provide additional x-ray protection around the sides of the head. Face Shields utilize a lead filled acrylic shield suspended from a dual adjustable headpiece.


Face shields should be worn with leaded eyewear protection.

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A prescriptive eyewear order cannot be processed without a PD measurement and a prescription less than a year old. Unless otherwise noted, eyewear contains 0.75mm Pb equivalent leaded glass that provides 95% attenuation up to 125 kVp.

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