Clinical Studies

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Clinical Studies (White Pages)

For educational clinical papers on the effects of radiation, click the links below:

A 5 year Follow-up of the Radiation Exposure to in room Personnel

A multiple methods approach radiation associated cataracts and occupational radiation safety practices in interventionalists in South Africa

A study of the distribution of dose across the hands of interventional radiologists and cardiologists.

American College of Radiology White Paper on Radiation Dose in Medicine

Cancer and non-cancer brain and eye effects of chronic low-dose ionizing radiation exposure

Diagnostic and Interventional CT Shielding

Expert Consensus Document on Optimal Use of Ionizing Radiation in Cardiovascular Imaging Best Practices for Safety and Effectiveness

Occupational Risks of Chronic Low Dose Radiation Exposure in Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory

Radiation Exposure Among Cath Lab Staff – American College of Cardiology

Interventionalists Receive 4.7 Times the Radiation Exposure to Left Side of Head Than Right Side During Invasive Cardiovascular Procedures

Radiation Exposure Among Scrub Technologists and Nurse Circulators During Cardiac Catheterization

Reducing Operator Radiation Exposure During Dialysis Access Procedures

Reduction of Radiation Dose to Female Breast

Sources and Effects of Ionizing Radiation

Using a Sterile Disposable Protective Surgical Drape for Reduction of Radiation Exposure to Interventionalists Study