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For educational articles on the effects of radiation, click the links below:

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A novel radiation protection drape reduces radiation exporsure during fluoroscopy

Neuropsychological Testing in Interventional Cardiology Staff

Brain tumors

Brain Cancer

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Evaluation of Radiation Exposure

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Radiation Cataract Risk in Interventional Cardiology Personnel

Interventionalists Receive 4.7 Times the Radiation Exposure to Left Side of Head Than Right Side During Invasive Cardiovascular Procedures

Light Weight Lead Aprons

PRO Guard Gloves

Protection from Radiation Exposure in the EP Lab

Protective aprons in imaging departments- manufacturer stated lead equivalence values require validation

Radiation Exposure and Protection Cardiac

Risk of Cancer from Occupational Exposure to Ionising radiation

Use of a Sterile, Disposable Radiation-Absorbing Shield Reduces Occupational Exposure to Scatter Radiation during Pectoral Device Implantation

X-Radiation and Gamma Radiation – Known to be Human Carcinogens