Apron Accessories

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Thyroid collars are designed to fit higher along the neck while providing complete thyroid coverage against x-ray radiation.

There are several styles of collars.

  • Also available in disposables


Radiation protective gloves are a necessity for people dealing with radiation consistently. The gloves come in a variety of fabrics, materials and colors.

  • Also available in disposables

Back Relief Belt

The Back Relief Belt features a non-slip adjustable buckle. This belt attaches separately from the apron.


Apron Duffle Bag protects and stores aprons while traveling between facilities. Apron Duffle  Bag features 10″ Velcro opening, carrying handle and shoulder strap.


Caps provide protection to your head. Different models provide lead on the top of your head and side protection.

Caps are available with a variety of features.

  • Available with Velcro tab closures for adjustable fit
  • Also available in disposables

Shin Guards

Shin guards protect against beam scatter when table drapes aren’t present.

Corset Belt

The Corset Belt provides additional back support when wearing a radiation protection apron.  This belt is work under the apron.

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