Disposable Radiation Protection

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Acadian offers a variety of disposable accessories to assist in the comfort and ease of both the patients and medical staff involved in radiation therapy procedures. These include items such as table drapes, equipment covers, positioners pads, lead caps, and collar covers.


Lightweight and adjustable disposable lead caps are available as a one use option to protect against scatter radiation for the wearer. They are available in three different thicknesses and are easy to dispose of thanks to the lead free barrier.


Disposable radiation gloves offer protection without the same upkeep as reusable attenuation gloves with no compromise on safety and comfort. Options through our trusted suppliers include various styles, sizing, thicknesses, and sensitivity.

See our reusable options under ‘Radiation Protection Wearables’.

Radiation Drapes

Disposable table drapes are an important tool in reducing exposure of scatter radiation to surgeons and technicians during a procedure where the use of radiation is present. 

These drapes come in a variety of sizes and shapes but can also be custom ordered to suit any and every need. Permanent table drapes are available as a long term solution.


Thyroid Collar Covers

The disposable thyroid collar cover is designed is designed to protect and prolong the life of your thyroid collar. It shields the collar from bodily fluids which require the use of cleaners that may over time cause the material to break down. They are shaped to fit almost any collar. 

Equipment Covers

Equipment covers are available as a disposable option for the sterilization and protection of monitoring equipment, probes, mobile barriers, c-arms, cameras, or any medical suspension systems present in the lab.

These covers are economical and make quick work of turning around a room for another patient. Both sterile and non-sterile options are available. 

Let us help you assess your radiation protection needs.