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Protective Shields

Acadian offers a variety of barriers, windows and other leaded shield products. From customized lead doors, to unique windows and overhead barriers, Acadian can accommodate any department.

Mobile Barriers

Barriers are available in mobile form, mounted and drapes.


The mobile barriers are available in acrylic and standard lead. There are also adjustable barriers, porta shield and surgical barriers.


There are some Special Barriers that include mobile overhead and mounted barriers.

Table Drapes

Table Drapes are available in single or double sided and in Anesthesia Front Panel. Both provide protection against scatter radiation and are designed not to obstruct positioning of the C-arm. Many of are also available in disposable form.

Protective Curtains

Protective curtains help contain radiation in rooms with windows, doors, or open spaces.

Lead Glass

Acadian offers lead glass that is greater than 2.00mm lead equivalence and made to order.

Lead glass comes in standard sizing but can be customized for any size or application.

Observation Window

Radiation protective windows meet the requirements for x-ray medical usage. Observation windows are available in lead acrylic or lead and small or large sizes.

Let us help you assess your radiation protection needs.