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Suspension Systems

Monitor suspension systems are stable, high quality systems that are designed for the daily needs of hospitals or radiology practices.


Monitor carriers offer the utmost safety with high flexibility.

Patient Restraints/Harness

Patient Restraints and harnesses prevent retakes and unnecessary x-ray exposure. Patient restraints and harnesses help to keep patients secure during x-ray examinations .



Patient Positioners

Patient positioners help ensure the proper positioning to achieve accurate diagnostics. Proper positioning reduces x-ray exposure and increases imaging effectiveness.


Foam patient positioners have a variety of options available, please contact us for more information.

Monitor Holders

Monitor Holders are a part of the suspension system. They attach to the monitor and then to the carrier to give systems their flexibility.

LED Lamps

Acadian offers LED Lamps enabling optimal examination and operating conditions. LED Lamps provide enhanced depth illumination, characteristics of daylight, reduction of heat, high-contrast color reproduction and recognition of the finest color tones.

Let us help you assess your radiation protection needs.

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