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Disposable Radiation Protection

Acadian offers a variety of accessories in disposable form. Everything from glasses, blankets, gloves and thyroid and head protection are available in disposables.


Disposable caps are designed to provide protection against scatter radiation.


The radiation protective gloves are also available in scatter protective disposables.

Radiation Drapes

These disposable radiation drapes will protect surgeons and technicians from harmful scatter radiation during surgical procedures.


These drapes come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your needs.

Thyroid Collar Covers

The disposable thyroid collar cover is designed to protect and prolong the life of your thyroid collar.

Equipment Covers

Equipment covers are available for a variety of uses, from easy covers, cover caps, probe covers, set-up covers and camera covers to c-arm drapes.


These disposable equipment covers are economical and easily applied for effective bacterial and contagion barriers. Non-sterile items are also available.

Let us help you assess your radiation protection needs.

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